I was born in Prague, in the spring of 1973.

Whenever I remember, I wanted to have a profession where I'll be most free and independent of the others. Option was more, but already in high school, I knew it would be something of artistic fields. I had already composed the music and lyrics, sang, played the trumpet, guitar, piano and keyboard, wrote poems and prose, painted and photographed.

Later I began work as a graphic designer, photographer and occasional cameraman. In 2006 I had with the help of my friend Jan Pischnoth founded my own photographic and graphic design studio.

I began create primarily technical photography: jewelery, products, houses and interiors. I also had a fashion and portrait season, but again I was released ... however it still can do, and sometimes, some customers use it. I also continued to graphic designs, rate and break, created catalogs, various printed materials, design, and program websites, etc.

Then, in the cold winter months of 2006 and 2007, also starting work an my free creations. Searching 2006 first collection, followed Moments and Escapes. Cycles DIffusions and Searching 2010 later resulted in the four largest and most important projects: Different Landscapes, Diaries, Welcome to my house and Plants.

My work is my love, passion and desire. I am happy that I can do and appreciate it immensely. When not taking, reading scientific articles, studying interesting technology and learning new creative practices.

In addition to photography and art are my big hobby all other artistic disciplines. As well as natural science, especially astronomy and meteorology.

I found the meaning of life in the pursuit of truth, sincerity, honesty and purity of thought. My work has brought me the most valuable thing I have long sought in vain: the strength and courage to be myself.

Do you like my artworks? Please support atelier in material way, we can more create art. Even a small amount can help. Thank You in advance.